About Pilatus Bank

Your Complete Banking Solution

Pilatus Bank is a European-regulated bank that provides private and commercial banking services to high net-worth individuals and financial institutions mainly in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We also provide our clients with customized private banking and wealth management services through advisory and discretionary mandates as part of our Investment Services.

Our Core Strengths

Our products are proof of what we believe to be a game changing strategy, a different experience, and the ultimate control of your banking experience. Our personality has a unique sense of perfection and precision. We don’t compromise on quality. Our attitude is to simplify and to get things done.

Our bankers utilize today’s modern software applications to bring our core banking system with its extensive capabilities to your place of choice. Whether you are looking to get a complex corporate facility or have a simple private request, we bring the bank to your board or living room.

As a modern private bank, we distinguish ourselves through enhanced customer service and modern banking solutions – learn more about our Pilatus DNA.