Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors has adopted a rigorous risk policy and code of conduct based on the European Central Bank’s directives, the regulations and guidelines of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Central Bank of Malta.

These principles embrace the highest standards of corporate governance by promoting the effective functioning of corporate and Board activities and ensuring Pilatus Bank continues to conduct business in accordance with the most stringent legal and ethical standards. These principles have always been a fundamental and integral part of the management and operation of Pilatus Bank.

These principles remain core to Pilatus Bank because they foster a climate of respect, trust and candor conducive to the effective functioning of the Bank. These principles of governance also reflect Pilatus Bank's current business operations, capital structure, regulatory environment, and shareholders' value.

Pilatus Bank recognizes that these conditions change with time and, accordingly, the Board and Management will continually review these governance guidelines to meet its obligations at the highest standard.

This website communicates the policies and guidelines that govern Pilatus Bank's Board, its management, and all of its employees. These policies provide a framework for the proper operation of the Bank, consistent with the requirements of the law.