Our Culture - Our DNA

Our culture is one that is looking at the banking industry in a new way and rethinking the old definitions and approaches to the industry's problems. We truly think that regulations ought to be embraced in this new era of banking. The innovative spirit of the Bank is rooted in its culture and staff who possess decades of experience across different banks and bring a diverse yet fresh look at the banking industry and how its products are being delivered. It’s part of our DNA to embrace regulations while putting our innovative ideas to test with our clients. 

Concept & Belief

Trust is developed in human interactions. The rationale behind our substantial investment in the IT platform together with the human capital of Pilatus is to further strengthen these interactions which will take the banking industry back to its most core value of trust.

We believe in challenging the status quo, a different user experience, and total control on how banking services are delivered. To achieve this, Pilatus Bank’s model is designed to combine exclusivity with technology and human capital. We bring the bank to the doorstep of our clients through our state-of-the-art technology. Our exclusive banking model through our bankers enables clients to have total access to the bank, and ultimate control of their life aspirations. Our uniquely designed products and services allow for a total integration and consolidation of high-net-worth individuals’ personal and corporate assets.

Our Technology Approach

Pilatus Bank leverages cutting-edge technology while providing personalised service. We have made significant investments in information technology to facilitate more effective interaction between bankers and clients and to strengthen their relationships. Gone are the days of multiple emails, phone calls, print jobs and faxes to communicate with clients and collect supporting documents before a banker can proceed with a client’s transaction or request.

Our proprietary ARX™ communication platform provides a secure, convenient, and direct channel for clients to interact with their bankers and provide authenticated instructions and information, from anywhere, and anytime. ARX builds upon and integrates with the strengths of our core banking system, Oracle FLEXCUBE, effectively bringing its capabilities to the clients without complexity. The results are stunning and represent only the tip of the iceberg on what is possible.

ARX streamlines communication between bankers, clients, and their associates and expedites the collection of relevant information, authenticated and archived in real-time. In doing so, ARX provides each client with a better user experience and a higher level of service, while supporting the Bank’s implementation of anti-money laundering (AML) systems and controls. Compliance with AML policies and procedures, critical in today’s financial services industry, was central to the development of our technology platform, which we believe differentiates us from other players in the financial technology sector.