Our Technology Platform

At Pilatus Bank, our main objective is to improve the quality of our customers’ experience when banking with us by providing simple, convenient services that improve customers’ ability to manage and make better decisions regarding their financial matters.

We want Pilatus Bank’s name to be synonymous to an exceptional banking experience. This is why we have made significant investments in cutting-edge and patented technology to facilitate more effective interaction between bankers and clients and to strengthen their relationships. Our proprietary ARX™ communication platform provides a secure, simple, convenient, and direct channel for clients to interact with their private bankers and provides authenticated instructions and information, from anywhere, and anytime. ARX builds upon and integrates with the strengths of our core banking system, Oracle FLEXCUBE, effectively bringing its capabilities to the clients without complexity. The results are stunning and represent only the tip of the iceberg on what is possible.

Through ARX we want to lead the trends rather than follow by addressing the real needs of our customers.  ARX is not just a mobile banking app, it is designed as a direct channel for delivering timely, relevant, personalized customer experiences. We want ARX to be a basic day-to-day and lifestyle tool for our clients.

ARX can cover the entire banking spectrum and provides each client with a better user experience and a higher level of service. The future of banking is already here with ARX. The ultimate convenience in an exclusive way is what our customers demand and deserve today. ARX is private banking at its best.