Pilatus Bank’s Executive Corporate Card is designed to simplify your everyday business needs.

Through our Executive Corporate Cards we allow our corporate clients to empower their people whilst giving them constant oversight of their company’s finances. For clients who are engaged in international business, Pilatus Bank’s Executive Card, allows for secure and quick payments anywhere in the world. Funds are deposited on the Executive Card directly from the corporate current account held with Pilatus Bank thus giving our clients full control over managing their working capital and making payments more efficient.

The Executive Corporate Card comes with all the benefits associated to an elite card. Our clients enjoy rewards program benefits such as airport lounge access, discounts, and plenty more for the corporate executives and other senior executive cardholders. Our relationship managers will be able to give you additional information on the rewards programs associated with the Executive Card.


Pilatus Bank is a principal member of MasterCard®.  Therefore, the Bank will provide the card services and advantages directly to our clients. We look forward to hearing from you with your corporate needs for our Executive Cards offerings and advantages.