All our corporate clients have access to a dedicated and experienced relationship manager.  Our commitment to our clients is that the relationship manager is at the core of every client’s relationship with the Bank.

From the outset of the relationship with Pilatus Bank the relationship manager will get to know your business, overall business objectives and priorities. We want your relationship manager to become your trusted point of contact  available to you any time at your convenience. Thus, Pilatus Bank commits to providing its clients with accessibility to this simple yet convenient level of service. This is no longer done via phone calls and emails even though that’s always available to our clients, but our technology provides a very unique and convenient channel for these important interactions.

Our proprietary ARX™ communication platform gives clients total control as to when and where to communicate with the relationship manager whilst at the same time providing them with a tool which offers a much higher degree of security than other communication channels such as email and other cyber vulnerable methods. This is the ultimate lifestyle banking method for all commercial enterprises of any size. We strongly encourage you to start the process by getting in contact with your relationship manager to get set up with ARX. It’s certainly an empowering tool that will take your business to a new level of performance and efficiency. Convenience should not always come at a heavy cost. We have proven that world-class and efficient service can come at an affordable price-tag. We look forward to hearing from you with your business banking needs.