In managing portfolios, we have developed a structured approach that ensures a clear understanding of our clients overall situation, including the financial goals, risk appetite, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, tax restrictions, and other specific requirements.

Our proven talented Portfolio Management team defines the investment direction of each client by continually measuring and monitoring their risk tolerance. We believe that the consistent application of rigorous investment approach is at the core of every assessment, thus ensuring the optimum selection of asset classes available.

Our strategic asset allocation approach involves a sophisticated blending of the market’s current dynamics, the asset valuation, and the calculation of risk/return trade-off. To optimize our clients' portfolio, we offer the flexibility of tactical asset allocation in anticipation of the constant volatility that influences the market, delivering maximized return potential.

Our Portfolio Management is based on the following four-step principles:

Step 1 – Investment Policy

Our advisory process begins with an open dialogue between the client and an investment advisor. The objective is for the advisor to comprehend the financial expectations, preferences, and overall financial goals of the client. Together, they develop an investment policy statement, which determines the guidelines and parameters towards achieving both the short and long term financial goals.

Step 2 – Strategic Allocation

The investment advisor will then undergo thorough analysis in order to develop an adequate portfolio model with an asset allocation, which is in line with the client’s investment policy.

Step 3 – Implementation

Once the client has reviewed and approved the asset allocation, the investment advisor will run a security selection analysis in which he/she identifies the underlying securities that construct/form the optimal portfolio.

Step 4 – Reporting and Review

We respond swiftly to any changes in market dynamics and re-balance the portfolio accordingly while remaining within the parameters of the investment policy. We continuously monitor the portfolio performance and keep the clients up-to-date through periodic performance reports.