Pilatus Bank has a robust and proven track record in Securities Lending and Facilities and has become a leading provider in this fast-growing and demanding banking sector.

The quality of service at Pilatus Bank with the securities products has been truly world-class and we are proud to refer you to the Testimonials section to find what our clients have to say about us.

Today, it is imperative to structure and build products that are in demand and add value on such a competitive market. Pilatus Bank’s ability to build and manage such products has been instrumental in expanding its outreach to clients who demand quality service and tailor made products. Our solid financial foundation, robust product development processes, and convenient delivery methods have been the core strengths of the Bank.

The Bank’s strong performance in this area of finance is the true testament of how Pilatus Bank as a private bank has been successful in meeting the demands of its clients. Today, governance, execution, risk management, technology and discipline are the core factors that truly distinguish banks from each other, and Pilatus Bank’s success is rooted in these fundamental values.