Pilatus Deploys Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking solution

Pilatus Bank, Ltd. - an exclusive private & commercial bank based in Malta with clients across the globe - has chosen Oracle's FLEXCUBE core banking platform to underpin its private and corporate banking offerings.

By using Oracle FLEXCUBE for its entire portfolio, Pilatus will be able to continue to bring its unique Relationship Manager + Information Technology model to market more efficiently. Pilatus’ focus on providing its clients with total control over the way that their banking services are delivered coupled with a personal, human touch required a technology platform that was able to support a range of banking capabilities from the same platform, as well as scale in line with Pilatus’ growth trajectory.

Oracle will continue to partner with Pilatus Bank in order to develop and integrate the Bank’s innovative and unique IT model which will deliver banking services in a way never seen in the industry. Pilatus Bank CEO said: “Partnering with Oracle in order to continue development of what we believe to be a disruptive technology in the banking sector, provides Pilatus with a high degree of confidence in the implementation of our unique service delivery model.”

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