Candidate for 2017 World Finance - Most Innovative Bank, Europe

So very proud of the Pilatus Bank team for all of their hard work this of luck!          

Chairman of Pilatus Bank says Private Banking is staging a comeback with a disruptive force, which will transform the way we bank forever

Pilatus Bank now has its eyes set on a rather unusual and under-served, yet one with great potential, segment of the market. The Bank aims to bring Private Banking to the mass-affluent, and it has a truly innovative way of achieving this. The mass-affluent make up less than 15% of the European population, yet hold almost 50% of total wealth. If Pilatus Bank succeeds with this unique and ground-bre... (read more)

The Early Adopters of the Uber Moment of Banking Will be the Mass-affluent, Pilatus Bank’s Chairman Argues

Private bankers are finally waking up to the reality of wealth distribution and the tremendous potential and wealth that the mass-affluent holds for transforming the sustainability models of private banks. Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, the founder of Pilatus Bank, believes that the sooner we acknowledge and react to how undeserved this segment of the market is, the faster the service market can... (read more)

Pilatus Bank reacts to Wells Fargo shutting down their branches

Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, Chairman of Pilatus Bank, explains why Wells Fargo Bank is closing down 450 branches in the US, whilst Pilatus Bank is leading the way in building the next generation of banking technology.   Sadr Hasheminejad reflects, “I clearly remember 10 years ago when Wells Fargo started its expansion into the East Coast. They were determined to set up branch... (read more)

Pilatus Bank Announces 50th Anniversary Of The Automated Teller Machine And Discusses The Future For ATMs

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), or what most of us refer to as the cash machine. The ATM was launched by Barclays Bank, in North London on June 27th, 1967. Fast forward 50 years, and ironically, innovation in banking has not developed much. You enter a pin and withdraw the cash. That’s it. Some argue that branches are becoming immaterial and ir... (read more)

Pilatus Bank Takes Part in Private Banker International Summit and Awards 2017

Pilatus Bank was nominated for the 2017 Outstanding Private Bank for Next Generation Proposition award at the prestigious Private Banker International Summit and Awards, where the chairman of Pilatus Bank, Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad was a guest speaker. During his speech, which was attended by more than two hundred delegates, he mentioned how banking is likely to make some major changes in the co... (read more)