At Pilatus Bank, we understand the busy lives that our clients lead therefore we have created various accounts that offer our customers the accessibility, flexibility and quality of service that they require whilst at the same time assuring the safety of their funds.

We understand that although banking is a personal matter our clients also need the autonomy to access their funds through a simple and convenient solution. The foundation of our clients banking relationship with Pilatus Bank is the current account available in all major currencies. Our current account offers our clients exactly what they need, a simple solution through which they are in charge over their finances with the possibility to manage their cash for their day-to-day personal and business needs. 

Although a simple product, Pilatus Bank still wants to offer clients’ exclusivity through the current account. This is done through our proprietary ARX™ communication platform which provides a secure, convenient, and direct channel for clients to interact with their bankers and provide authenticated instructions and information, from anywhere, and anytime. Our clients can benefit from the vast possibilities offered through ARX with direct access to their dedicated relationship manager.