Despite the changing landscape in customers demand and evolving technological advances, banking remains a business built on trust and relationship. 

At Pilatus Bank, we believe that maintaining strong interpersonal client relationships remains crucial in the field of private banking. We constantly communicate with our clients to understand their needs and we know that our clients place importance on both relationship and digital solutions highlighting the need of multi-channel communication and accessibility to their bank. We want to nurture the loyalty that customers have built towards us by developing the digital capabilities of our relationship managers, empowering them to keep pace with the customers’ need. Thus, Pilatus Bank commits to providing its clients with accessibility to dedicated relationship managers in the most convenient way. We are scaling up this relationship based approach through our technology, which makes all the difference when it comes to customer service.


This is why at Pilatus Bank we believe our solution blends into our clients’ lifestyle in a conventional and simple way. This is done through our proprietary ARX™ communication platform which gives clients control as to when and where to communicate with the relationship manager whilst at the same time providing them with a tool which offers a much higher degree of security than other old fashion and vulnerable communication channels. We believe that having dedicated relationship manger is the future of banking and not a thing of the past, and that’s reason why we are fully committed to get this right. We are different; our goal is not to refer our clients to online-banking or a branch location. We want to keep the direct relationship with our clients thriving.